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Website Development Projects

"I have worked with Clearly Written Solutions on several projects and they have delivered exceptional work each time. They are always very professional and organized. Most importantly, they answer my questions in a timely manner."

- Daniel Pooser, COO, Carter & Bailey

Soulstice Wholistic Cuisine

Soulstice Wholistic Cuisine (SWC), a Personal Chef, Dietary Caterer & Wholistic Provider of Healthy Foods & Dishes, was introduced to CWS as a referral from a former client. Their need was simple in that they wanted their message and mission to be clearer and more detailed to their target market. The website at that time (provided via the link below) was lacking in overall presentation, information availability, dish/menu capturing and proper management. The Owner of SWC felt that the website she had wasn't the best online representation of her company and it's overall purpose, message and mission. Understanding the need and desire of the Owner, CWS got to work and produced the needed and necessary redesign for SHC in the allotted time and stated budget. The first draft of the new website was created in approximately 2-3 days with the final being done and published in about 2 weeks. 


Project Type: Website Overhaul & Redevelopment

Project Completion: 2 Weeks

The Soulstice Wholistic Cuisine Website BEFORE the Overhaul & Redevelopment.

Client's Assessment: 


"I am thoroughly satisfied with Tamani's design and update of my website. He is very professional and seems to have a keen sense of the detailed fundamentals of website design. I must admit that I was a little skeptical about the outcome of the sight, however once completed I was very pleased and excited at the finished product and I have gotten many compliments on how vibrant and colorful it is. Thanks again Tamani.


Chef Kelly"


The outcome of the project:

Master Debt Solutions

Master Debt Solutions, Inc. (MDS), a Debt Collection Agency, was introduced to CWS as a referral from a current client (JMS Apparel & Promotions). Their need was time sensitive as the client's funding was being held due to security issues with their old (then current) site. MDS' payment solutions provider required that their website be secure (with an SSL Certificate) before funds they received from clients be released. MDS' owner could RECEIVE funds from clients paying off old/bad debts, but she couldn't TRANSFER those funds to her bank account. Needless to say, this was a SERIOUS issue. Couple this with the fact that her former (then current) webmaster was slow at best, non-responsible at worst to her repeated attempts to get this (and other) issues resolved,and it's not easy to see how this situation was simply a mess. With time NOT on our side and with a clear understanding of what was needed, CWS got to work and produced both a completely revamped website WITH the necessary securities for 48 HOURS!!! . 


Project Type: Website Overhaul and Redevelopment

Project Completion: 2 Days (RUSH!)

The MDS Website BEFORE The Overhaul & Redevelopment.

Client's Assessment: 


"I am very please and satisfied with the service that I received from Clearly Written Solution.  Mr. Tamani did an outstanding job.  I was in a tight bind and I needed a new web-site built rather quickly. I felt very confident that he knew exactly what he was doing and what I wanted.  Mr. Tamani promised  that he would do his best to have my web- site ready by a certain date.  Mr. Tamani had my site up and running as promised and it was beautifully and professionally done.  I love my web-site and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone  that  is looking for great service and a professional built website."


The outcome of the project:

Radcliffe Presbyterian Church (USA)

A referral from another client, Rev. Dr., Andrew Stephens was leery about allowing yet another company to develop and manage the online presence of his church's website. Having had the all too common occurrence of over promises and under deliveries, Pastor Stephens refused to get his hopes up. Luckily, CWS had done work for a new member of the church and they assured him that we would take care of business in a patient, organized and professional manner. The good Pastor was not disappointed.


Project Type: Website Overhaul

Project Completion: 2 Months


Client Assessment

"Working with Tamani Mwandani has been absolutely fantastic! I know no one who does what he does better! I am so pleased with the website design and management work he has done for my church. 

Tamani's creative flare and attention to detail are unparalleled and refreshing. During the design process he did an amazing job of capturing our vision for the website as well as who we are as a church while enhancing our vision with thoughtful aestectic and functional improvements.

I am so proud of the website Clearly Written Solutions designed for us and I show it off wherever I go. 

I know it is going to make a difference in expanding the reach of our ministry and the effectiveness of our mission. 

Tamani is the most organized, positive and patient person I have encountered in some time.

I look forward to a continuing relationship with Clearly Written Solutions as our website management team!

Five stars are not enough to rate the quality, timeliness, positive inspirational experience we are having with Tamani and Clearly Written Solutions.

Needless to say I commend them highly to anyone in need of website design and management services.

Take a look at our website at and you will see the evidence! By the way, if you have the opportunity to get to Atlanta, accept this as my personal invitation to visit Radcliffe.

Totally satisfied customer,

Reverend Dr. Andrew Lee Stephens, Jr."


The outcome of the project:

Southern University Alumni Federation, Chicago Chapter

A long time client of over 4 years, the Alumni organization found itself in a position of having to upgrade its website. GoDaddy, their current Website Development Platform & Services Provider, was implementing a firm wide upgrade which means every user of their platform/tool has to upgrade...or lose their website layout and information/data. This was a mandatory upgrade that the Alumni organization had only six (6) months to complete.


Project Type: Website Upgrade

Project Completion: 2 Weeks


The website before the upgrade.


The outcome of the project:

The Charles W. Chessnutt Guest House

The Charles Waddell Chesnutt Guest House was the summer home and retreat of Mr. Chesnutt, an African-American Novelist, Essayist and Activist, and his family for many years and also serves as the National Headquarters for the Charles W. Chesnutt Literary Society of Idlewild, MI, a non-profit organization started to pay homage to, preserve and promote the legacy of one of America’s greatest literary talents. The new owner, proprietor and caretaker of the Chesnutt Guest House felt that this hidden gem of a man required more than what was currently available on the Internet so she hired CWS to design and build the website.


Project Type: New Website

Project Completion: 4 Weeks


The outcome of the project:

Carter & Bailey, LLC

Carter & Bailey, LLC came to CWS in need of an immediate website. Opportunities were presenting themselves and C&B need to act quickly. After an initial consultation, CWS procured the project and began working on thier needs immediately. The initial website was created in 5-7 days which involved CWS not only laying out and designing the website, but also writing the critically important verbiage. The logo was developed in the following weeks (mgmt scheduling conflicts) and was completed and finalized in 3-4 days.


Project Type: New Website, Marketing Verbiage & Logo

Project Completion: 1.5/2 Weeks


The outcome of the project:

Soul Food by Catherine

This soulful, southern establishment is a local favorite and a staple amongst the City of Houston's "home cooked" cuisine restaurants. Seeing to expand beyond the local "Mom & Pop" look and feel of a small, local eatery, management took the reins of thier online marketing exposure and presence and partnered with CWS to create a website that was indicative fo the proprietor and name sake's 25 years of industry cooking experience. CWS accepted the project and delivered to management's great approval. The initial website was created in 3-4 days with the final being 100% done in 7-14 days (mgmg scheduling conflicts). 


Project Type: New Website

Project Completion: 2.5-3 Weeks


Client's Assessment 


"I'm very pleased with the website development of Clearly Written Solutions for Soulfood by Catherine. It was a pleasure working with Tamani. He communicated well and was timely with his delivery. I recommend this company to anyone trying to develop a website for your business."


The outcome of the project:

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